Italian Photographers  / International Photographers

The Italian Cultural Association DeFactory is proud to present ImageNation 2016: Eyes on the World. This exhibit showcases more than 30 talented and awarded artists from all over the world, in addition to 30 selected Italian photographers, with a wide range of interests, experience and backgrounds joined by the common passion of photography. All the photographers featured here have been invited to show their work since they have the ability to see the unusual in the everyday and to capture the moment. Or because their creativity can inspire both visually as well as emotionally. With over 60 works from 5 continents and blending stories from the world with creative fine-art works, the exhibition explores the many ways of interpreting the world around us.

DeFactory Non-profit Organization was established in 2012 by a group of photographers living in the area in and around Desenzano del Garda, in Northern Italy. Their mission is to promote photography and to continue in exploring its possibilities. By working in cooperation, the members created an environment that encourages the growth of artistic vision and technical mastery.

Versione Italiana

Aris Apostolopoulos
Rosa Lacavalla
Paolo Ciriello
Martin Vegas
Cedric Dasesson
Carolina Frusca Braga
Simone Pellegrini
Olimpia Galatolo
Luca Grillandini
Matteo Silva
Alessandro Carleschi
Pietro Ballardini
Andrea Benedetti
Jefte Gerevini
Pier Costantini
Giuseppe Gradella
Nico Nardomarino
Sara Motta
Marco Secci
Manuelo Bececco
Alex Varani
Marco Cocconi
Lorenzo Linthout
Nicola Molteni
Luca Liloni
Andrea Auf Dem Brinke
Elisa Girelloni
Mattia Bonavida
Elena Tagini
Serena Campagnola
Manuela Vanzulli
Sebastiano Mutti
Emanuela Cunial
Carla Ingrasciotta
Paolo Pedraccini
Matthew Zak
Rocco Delillo
Peter Delueg
Giuseppe Preianò
Daniele Maffietti
Luca Zizioli
Andrea Caiola