Andrea Schuh


Andrea Schuh is a photographer based out of Cologne, Germany. Born in 1972, her passion for photography began in 1988 after discovering her father's SLR. She has been photographing for more than twenty years and has a wide variety of projects ranging from street and portrait photography to commercial and urban landscape photography.

"With these abandoned places, I just love the absence of humans and the silence. Very often I’m alone in these buildings. My favourite places are industrial sites, the bigger the better. Most of these places are in the Ruhr district, a huge former industrial area in Germany - near where I live (Cologne) or in East Germany, remains of the DDR. And also in the south of Belgium, similar situation like the Ruhr district, where lots of heavy industry died and people moved away."

The composer Claude Debussy said “Music is the space between the notes.” This places tell their stories with silence and light, as the spaces between the life and death of a building. Time doesn’t stop in abandoned buildings, it just moves differently. Things sound different in a place where no one goes and this project documents the life and deterioration of these buildings.


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