Anthony Stone


Polaroider, Analog lover, Serial photographer. This is Anthony Stone’s statement. A world in constant expansion, both technically and emotionally, where the pursuit of light and spaces reveals a different artistic research. By using expired film and polaroid machines, he creates dreamlike, evocative images sometimes whimsical, sometimes twisted, but always intriguing and with a sense of storytelling.

Obsessed with Polaroids and fascinated by the feminine body, he consider analog photography as his primary way of survival and his biggest tool of expressing himself. "I have been using analog mediums ever since I can remember. From 18 years old, I was developing my own photographs in a darkroom and constantly out shooting my friends or nature. I love the physicality of holding negatives, or a polaroid frame. It creates so much more rawness and attachment with the work. There is absolutely nothing that can compare or comes close to the beauty of film. It is pure magic."

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