Carmelita Iezzi


Photo © Carmelita Iezzi

Carmelita Iezzi is a professional photographer and graphic designer from Italy. Currently working as a freelance, she is specialized in fine art and conceptual photography. Her work has been exhibited in a personal and collective exhibitions all around the world, and some of her pictures have been awarded and published in fine art books.

"My artistic skills developed quite early, since childhood i has been fascinated with fine art." she says. "I was 14 years when I bought my first analog camera 35 mm. I'm very fascinated by reportage and landscapes. I loved always to experiment creativity printed in the darkroom preferring high contrast papers, my favorite film was Kodak Tmax. Over the years I have attended courses with international photographers who have helped me to better understand my vision and focus on my creative potential. I have traveled frequently in the States and London, and I have lived in Greece whose culture and philosophy have inspired many of my works."

"I've always been fascinated by art, painting and poetry. The light which builds an image and the idea that comes from the unconscious are the basis of all my photographic projects. Often what drives my images is the desire to express an emotion, a mood, convey to viewer what I have inside of me. I'm inspired every day by simple things, nature, emotion and the human element and last but not least from my dreams.

I love strong contrast, I like to convey a quiet stillness of emotion with a connection to my natural surroundings, creating a reality found only in my imagination but so unbelievably human, between darkness and light and a mystery of life, for represent the thin line that separates the real world from the dream, my works can be described as imaginative, surrealistic and dreamlike."

"In my  walks I was inspired by listening music especially jazz that I really love and expresses the mood of the quiet winter. Solitary trees and birds in search of freedom, seascapes and sometimes small human figures leave an  imprint of magic within this spatiality melancholy and white. All photos were taken in winter and snowy ranging from 2010 to 2015, the photographs strictly black and white represent that dreams are the physical space of reality, winter leaves its trace melancholy and the snow gives a feeling of magic to the surrounding landscape and lonely.

I prefer natural light that allow me to capture my emotions, the nature and the human figure weaving dreamlike stories with them. I really like to use multiple exposures to create fantastic stories with real things. With the advent of digital I began the use of post processing that provide to emphasize the tones in black and white, making them much more contrasted and dramatic. In the same way as when I worked in the darkroom and I liked superimpose two negatives with the sandwich technique, now also working in some series in digital overlaying texture to create surreal situations that are able to affect the emotions."

"When I began photographing I was fascinated by the artist Mario Giacomelli, I always loved his whites and deep blacks, emotions and poetry that transpired from his photographs, in those highly contrasted images. Another photographer that I always loved was Tina Modotti, one of the pioneer women of photography, his images full of humanity and contrasts have always fascinated me.

Today my inspiration is purely personal, comes from the small everyday things, from my family and emotions, my fears, my unconscious. Also from my cultural background, from love for painting, poetry, books and travel. Often what influences me are my dreams, every photographic project was born from a need to tell a part of me to others in the form of images, an emotion, a story, a feeling are the key of my inspirations."

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