Catalina Sour Vasquez


Human Process, 2015 © Catalina Sour Vasquez

Catalina Sour Vasquez is a parisian artist photographer. She allows the viewer to focus on one specific, if not subconscious, component of the photograph, often addressing the social impact of our mundane everyday lives and the toll that it infiltrates on our mental and physical well being. There are direct references, colors or details that placate to a specific smell, touch or often taste. She will shamelessly critique society’s tendencies for mass consumption utilizing a candy coated stage that is easy for us to digest…and almost impossible to resist. (Hillarey Jones curator from Linda Pace Foundation)

"A march towards freedom, on these wide fields where imagination prevails and boundaries fade" Catalina Sour Vasquez explains her work, Human Process. "A journey through the obviousness that surrounds us, like the body which encloses us. In the service of what is essential. Along with the power that the human being is holding over the industrial metamorphosis and that nature in danger, I open up an array of possibilities to an alternative poetry. By using the freedom of photographic art, I apply a surrealist vision of the image that is being captured. I adopt anti-formats, processes unfamiliar to the human eye. This is how I aspire to a positive distortion of feelings. An impact, a breath of hope through the image. Senses and blood. Blood and senses."

These pictures have been taken in Chile at the end of 2015. A land prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, to volcanic eruptions with more than 110 volcanos classified as potentially active, the whole being intimately tied to climate variations. The hole in the ozone layer is also causing significant damage.

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