Edie Sunday


Edie Sunday is an American fine art photographer currently residing in Austin, Texas. Her work centers on color, the female form, and the state between dreaming and waking. She actually loves the in-between state of dreaming and waking life. This is probably why her analogue photographs are pure magic. Whether black and white or colour, double exposure or mixed media, or altered in pre or post, she manages to create a beautifully obscure, hauntingly surreal and downright bewitching mood. In some pictures it seems to be in a movie by David Lynch. "I am a female, analog photographer and artist whose work centers on the darkness and beauty inherent in femininity, as well as otherworldly visions I see in my sleep. There is nothing like waiting impatiently for the photos to develop and watching all of the colors of the rainbow emerge and fade away, eventually leaving the final image."

She is both scientist and artist, crafting enchanting insights into the darkest parts of the human psyche through analog photography with utmost delicacy, transience and attention to the female form. Alongside photography, she also studied and practises psychotherapy to satisfy her scientific as well as creative curiosity. One could also say that aside from scientist and artist, a writer also lays in wait; from her love of words and inspiration drawn from the words of others such as Anais Nin and most recently Patti Smith. "I get inspired by many things. I think a lot of it comes from inside and from this very human urge to self-express and create meaning, but I’m also inspired by other artists, found objects, and surrealism. I’m very fuelled by this love for what is intimate and beautiful but slightly dark or sad or brutally honest, whether its visually or emotionally."

"Photography means something different to me every day and every time I shoot. Sometimes it means release and relaxation. Sometimes it means creative self-expression. Sometimes it means truly connecting with another human being to create something meaningful. Sometimes it means freedom, and sometimes it means art, and sometimes it means both. I have a tendency to live in my own head, and photography enables me to take some of that strangeness that festers up there and use it as a means to interpret and connect with the world around me. My photos are both a part of me and a part of the world around me. It's how I make sense of it all. Photography is a part of who I am, and will be a part of my journey of self-discovery for my entire life. I hope that someday my photography can inspire others and become a part of their journey as well."

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