Erin Noir


Deux Days

Erin Nøir is a self-taught photographer based in Manila, Philippines. She completed two pre-medical degrees in Science before discovering her true love in the Arts though images and words. Formerly the chief editor of Lomography’s international magazine, Erin continues to work as a freelance writer and editor while shooting black & white images in film & digital. She is heavily influenced by Japanese photographers and has created a diverse body of work encompassing different subjects – her daily life, the music scene, street snapshots and everything in between – evoking an intimate, mysterious mood that is distinctly hers. Currently, she is drawn to self-searching projects, and has created a diverse body of work encompassing different subjects with a diaristic approach. She is an alumnus of Invisible Photographer Asia and the Angkor Photo Workshops.

"My relationship with film photography began in 2008. Since then, I’ve always used 35mm cameras. What I love most about analogue photography is its authenticity, imperfections, and tangibility. Even if I do digital and mobile photography as well, film has a permanent spot in my heart and it will always be the reason why I started taking pictures in the first place. Films are fragments of emulsified memories, and for me, film is forever.

I love Vivian Maier’s photographs. I saw her biopic a few months ago and I liked her even more, especially because of her eccentricity. Her street shots are so compelling. But what strikes me most is her series of self-portraits. Today, “selfies” are just an everyday, mindless photo-thing that most of us are pleasurably guilty of doing but Vivian’s way of seeing and representing herself through glasses and mirrors, and sometimes through shadows, is really inspiring. A couple of friends told me that some of my self-portraits remind them of Vivian’s and I felt really overwhelmed and pressured because, damn, I need to waste a lot more films if I want to be that good."

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