Gabi Ben Avraham


Learning to fly  People have always wanted to fly like birds. There were myths and legends about it such as the Greeks' Dedallus and Ikarus or dreamers like Leonardo Da Vinci. Eventually, the technological goal has been achieved but myths and legends continue to exist. In this image, the technological ability of man and his unfulfilled dream to become a bird have emerged.


Gabi Ben Avraham  is a street photographer from Tel Aviv. The city where he grew up in, had never left and is a part of him and his passion for photography. "The street is not a studio.", he says. "Sometimes I stand and wait for things to converge – a cyclist, a dancer, a child – moving along. They are not aware that they are moving towards a certain object, but I am. Street Photography is my favorite way of looking at the world. My camera has become an integral part of me and I cannot imagine myself without it. Everywhere I go, I take it with me thinking that everyday may be my lucky day and I could take the photo of my life."

"Via the camera lens I am constantly looking around me, searching for that decisive moment that will never return, unless I catch it. When pushing the button, I try to make some sense, restore order to the chaotic scheme of things in the composition. The components speak with each other in a special dialogue, either by color, shape, or light. Capturing the elusive, special moment after which things will never be the same and making it eternal – that is my goal."

"Forgotten, transparent people in urban surroundings are being granted their moment of grace. The shadows, fragile outlines, reflections within daily lives that are not noticed in the busy and thick urban landscape and sometimes are even crushed by it – these are precious to me. Those expressions, compositions – flickering like dim lights on the horizon – I treasure these before they are lost in time."

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