José Luis Barcia Fernández


"En Sombra" - Madrid, 2015

En Sombra (In Shadow) is a photo series of black and white candid street photos, with vivid geometry, strong juxtapositions and high-contrast lighting, taken and edited only with mobile phones. "I focus my photography on people, light and shadow", says José Luis, "where music is my main inspiration. I listen to music when I am shooting in the streets and while I am editing. I love post-rock music and the entire spectrum of feelings and emotions that it evokes. I try to reproduce those feelings in my photos. 

For me, photography is a way of expressing emotions and moods; in this series I focus on loneliness, melancholy, inner conflict and the passage of time. In each frame, I confine my subjects between geometric planes of light and shadow. At different moments, the light represents: a way out, a cell with bars, an island of hope, a transit zone or a double-edged sword. These characters wander erratically in their continuous search for light."

José Luis Barcia Fernandez was born in Asturias, in the north Spain and he's currently living in Madrid. He has a chemistry degree and works as logistics manager in a multinational retail company. In 2003 he became interested in digital photography and then started to mix it digitally with painting, composing digital collages. Then, in 2011 he started to shoot with an iPhone 4 and he fell in love with this new kind of vision and its creative possibilities.

Since 2012 he exhibited his works in 25 collective exhibitions between Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Bologna, Oporto, San Diego, NYC, Toronto, Tokyo and others. He also was awarded as:

- Iphone Photography Awards 2013 (IPPA). 1st place Architecture and 2 honorable mentions. 
- Instagramers Gallery Prize (January 2014).  
- Mobile Photography Awards 2013 (MPA). 1st place Architecture and MPA Founders Honorable mention. 
- Mobile Masters 2014. 
- Iphone Photography Awards 2014 (IPPA). 2nd best photographer of the year and 3 honorable mentions. 
- IPPA 2015. 2nd place People and 5 honorable mentions. 
- Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2015. Finalist, best portfolio series. 
- Winner of Street Photography PhotoCup (Spain, December 2015). 

All pictures are copyright © by José Luis Barcia Fernández