Kristoffer Axén


Equilibrium, 2012

From the series Events in Nature (2011 – 2015): A vast event is sensed in a deep and slow dream, tasting of black and green. It brings us out from our concrete shelters with hurried little steps, and like an odd burial procession we suddenly start to move around with elation and terror. Kristoffer Axén is known for his moody, atmospheric photographs. At once cinematic and dreamlike, his dark, nearly monochromatic images of shadowy and mysterious alleyways evoke film noir stills. However, Axen doesn't quote specific movies. Instead, he says he aims "to create a vaguely narrative world that is open and dream-like in its possibilities for interpretation."

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Kristoffer Axén was born 1984 in Stockholm (Sweden), studied fine art photography at the International Center of Photography in New York between 2008-2009, a city in which he lived and worked in until 2013. Earlier studies also includes motion picture and photography at the Nacka School of Media in Stockholm. 

Axén’s practice focuses mainly around one main theme which branches out into different series - that of the surrealism and solitude which follows an introspective and examined existence. His images (meant to stand on their own even among a series or group) is therefore highly subjective and suggestive, and is consequently often dreamlike in its feel, relating more to atmosphere and mood in an anonymous setting than to any specifics. In this way he uses photography more like painting and certain cinematic expressions and its relation to the inner world than as a way of documenting an objective reality. His work is constructed using digital tools and he often combines more than one image to construct his world, and he consequently relies on post-production tools to reach this stage.

He currently works on developing his world into even more subjective directions with the use of collage-like processes and additional texture - both in the post-production stage and in the printing process. The aim is still to extract the underlying, subjective, reality into images carrying an untold story, balancing the borderline between reality and fiction, with allusions to painters like Mamma Andersson and Michael Borremans, and filmmakers like Béla Tarr and David Lynch.

He was awarded as Emerging Talent Awards 2015 by Lens Culture.

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