Zsolt Kudich and Réka Zsirmon


Great Egrets: A Nature Conservation Success  The changing fortune of the Great Egret (Egretta alba egretta), the signature bird of the Hungarian nature conservation efforts, is an environmental protection success story. Aggressive poaching for their fashionable plumage left their colonies counting only 31 mating pairs in 1921. However, with international collaboration to preserve and protect their natural habitat, their colonies now number over 3,000 pairs in Hungary today. Stunning images of these graceful birds in their natural habitat celebrate the beauty of the natural world, and our successful efforts to protect our environment.

Zsolt Kudich and Réka Zsirmon are nature photographers living in Budapest, Hungary. Their ambition is to bring the fragile balance of nature to light in an artistically powerful way. Prolific winners of national and international competitions, their images have been published in prestigious international magazines, books, and publications, among others National Geographic, Nature’s Best Photography Magazine, GEO Magazine, and Nikon International Calendar. Their latest project unveils the natural wonders of Danube River protected areas. Commissioned by European Commission and Danubeparks, they took their photos in fourteen nature conservation areas of eight countries alongside the Danube River.

Driven by a life-long love and respect for our natural world Zsolt Kudich and Réka Zsirmon have been photographing fascinating images of birds, flowers, landscapes and wildlife for over 10 years. Their fine art photography collection captures everyday subjects and transforms them into breathtaking images. They have been learning from the most reputable photographers how to find and frame the beauties and versatility of our World while looking through the camera lens. For them, photography mean the wonderful, endless days of searching for interesting moments of life.

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