Lara Zankoul


The No One, from the series The Unseen, 2013

Lara Zankoul was born photographically in 2008. Driven by passion, she taught herself photography and started an enriching journey in the artistic field. During 2009, she completed her 365 project, a personal mission in which she committed on taking a picture every day in a row for a year. In her series "The Unseen", the lebanese photographer pushes the boundaries of photographic surrealism through her constructed life-size sets. Strictly through the use of her camera and with no digital manipulation, Zankoul creates dreamlike images where water is used to depict contrasting characteristics of the characters she photographs. Each image captures a different human emotion and the dueling perspectives that can exist. Zankoul invites the viewer to investigate each image and attempt to determine which half holds the element of truth.

Talking about her work, Zankoul said "There is an intention or message behind every photo I take. The way an image is composed, the use of symbols, the lighting and the color choices are all part of the message conveyed. My photos explore the charm and mystery of the human psyche. Each work carries a different notion touching on the psychological aspect of humans. Bizarre situations, misplaced items, surreal dimensions, strange struggles leave the mind to wander in a possibility of interpretations; to re-invent and complete unfinished stories, to explore unanswered questions. Through my pictures, I invite the viewer to decipher the hidden symbols and interact with the picture to reflect on his reality and personal experience. What seems to be so unreal in the first place, could be closer than we expect, to the complexities of our mind."

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