Marcin Ryczek


A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow  The photograph was taken in Cracow, from the Grunwald Bridge. The nature-created contrast of white snow and dark water, the two separated by a straight line of the waterfront, serves as a reflection of the Yin Yang symbol of opposing, yet complementary forces. The dark silhouette of a man against the light background, and the white swans on dark water which are surrounded by a ring of black ducks complement the photograph, enabling numerous interpretations of it. This simple, powerful frame infused with universal symbolism is legible to many different, often diverse cultures. The ambiguity of this image stimulates imagination and emotions, encouraging subjective interpretation and reflection.

It's considered one of the most viral photos ever. It was placed on the most popular social networks and in many newspapers and portals worldwide. It was awarded by the first prize (Grand Prix) in the international competition Grand Prix de Découverte: International Fine-Art Photography Award. It was also accepted in the prestigious collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France. At the end of 2013, "The Huffington Post"- one of the most influential online newspapers in the world, elected it as one of the most striking Fine Art Photography of the year.

Watch the photo in: Italy, Corriere della Sera - Germany, Der Spiegel - UK, The Guardian


(Photo 2) Hiroshima - Phoenix Rising from the Ashes This photograph is a meditation on good and evil, life and death. The photo's reference is the place where it was taken: the city of Hiroshima. Now one of humanity's most prominent sites, during WWII razed to the ground by the most powerful weapon mankind has ever invented and used. Dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima killed well over 100,000 innocent people and crippled many more. The city, just like the mythical bird phoenix – a representation of eternel rebirth – emerged from the ashes and became a symbol of memory, peace and mercy. These notions are best conveyed by the saying "the greatest way to avenge your enemy is by forgiveness". (Photo 3) Liberation This image allows for a variety of interpretations. As individual you can set free from different life weaknesses and limitations, you can overcome obstacles on the way to reach your goals. In terms of the larger community, you can set free from any tyranny, dictatorship, orthodox attitudes or lack of respect for basic human rights.

(Photo 4) The Graph of Life is a meditation on the evanescence and passing of a human life. The graph shown in it can be perceived in many ways: as associated with the passing of years, gaining experience and wisdom, or even with the spiritual and the transcendent. (Photo 5) Ascent.

Marcin Ryczek was born in Poland, in 1982. "I specialize in photography, which refers to symbols and geometry. Its characteristic features are simplicity, minimalism and reference to graphic arts. Symbols and geometric shapes impart philosophical matter to these images, they raise questions and provide deeper reflection. The most important entity which connects all my works is a man, with their multidimensionality accented by the use of simple symbols and thoughtful composition."

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