Mariam Sitchinava


The Birds

Mariam Sitchinava’s photos seem to be on a chase to capture and preserve beauty that slips through fingers- enigmatic, inexplicable, ephemeral and bewitching. Her heroines, always female, always angelically innocent and breathtakingly stunning seem to be from a sisterhood of Goddesses that we, ordinary people, have no capacity of apprehending. The grandeur of Mariam often shoots her fragile sirens in melancholic surroundings- in nature at twilight, ruins of once lavish palaces, with soft light caressing and consoling them. These lugubrious divinities with confronting gazes tell stories of bewildering passion and devastating loss, of ardent love and deafening silence, of kingdoms by the sea.

“Tbilisi is a very different city with a very different culture, post-soviet capital with a very long history, influenced by Europe and Asia. I’m living in a city lacking nature and fresh air, so I’m always trying to surround myself with various plants. I’m always trying to spend my free time out of town in nature, that’s the most comfortable atmosphere for me. I love taking trips to beautiful countries, such as Iceland, which has a dreamy light, or Italy, because the atmosphere there is inspirational for me, the classic Italian movie is the main influence on my photographs.”

"I started shooting when I received a Soviet film camera as a gift. With my first few rolls I found myself very engaged and I felt there was something big that I was going to discover. Actually, my first camera was a Holga CFN 120. It’s very funny and beautiful. Mostly, I use Soviet cameras and a 70s Canon. My favorite is a Soviet camera, maybe because of its special vintage feel. I love the colors and light leaks.

My inspiration can be anything and can come anytime. I live the feel and mood that film creates; it’s unique, very colorful, and deep. The aesthetic beauty and charm of women often inspire me, and it’s one of the best ways I can express my feelings. My models are my friends or just people I met in the street or anywhere. Some of them are professional models. But, my criteria in choosing faces depends on every photo shoot I plan."

Mariam Sitchinava lives in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia and shoots analog portrait and fashion photography. She has started shooting, without any formal education, in 2009. After 8 months of shooting she got her first commercial project. Since then, Mariam’s photos were exhibited in many countries and her photo prints with her first photo book has been shipped across the world.

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