Matthieu Soudet


The Cave

"This cave is located in Normandy. I was born and grew up there before coming to Paris a few years ago, but I still come back there to shoot most of my pictures. This place had a significant importance in my work lately. I'm really interested in what most of the photographers would see as a difficult light. I don't like strong lights, I prefer to work after sunset when shooting outdoor. This cave is the quietest place I've ever been. The temperature remains the same in winter or summer, and the time seems to stop the moment you enter the darkness of the place. If you stay close to the entry, the sun is still shining softly, lighting the fog due to the difference between the outside and inside temperatures, creating this specific mood on the picture. I do nude because it's timeless, no fashion, no cultural clues, it could be anywhere, 2 centuries ago or in 5 decades. Just humans forever wondering. And forever wandering."

Matthieu Soudet is a photographer living and working in Paris, France. He started photography when he was 9 years old. He began with portraying nature, winning several prizes when he was still a teenager. With the money he won he bought his first camera, and he’s been creating magical portraits ever since. Although Matthieu changed his focus from nature to staged portraits, nature is still a big influence in his recent work. The people he portrays are often a small part of their environment, showing how small we humans actually are. Next to that he has an amazing way of working with color, showing the whole palette nature has to offer.


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