ImageNation Paris

Paris, 10-13 Nov. 2016


From November 10th to 13th 2016, ImageNation meets Paris, the city that saw the birth of photography almost two centuries ago. Thanks to the many festivals and fairs which are frequently held in the French capital, Paris is, more than ever, the crossroads of the new trends. Over all, the Mois de la Photo and Paris Photo have seen attracting to themselves important private and institutional collectors, art enthusiasts and some of the most famous art gallery owners from all over the world. Along with this, during Paris Photo days, the city becomes an ideal stage for the photographic works of the most interesting international artists in dialogue with the audience.

ImageNation arrives in Paris, after two exhibitions held in Italy (Desenzano del Garda and Livorno) in which more than 100 photographers, half Italian and half from around the world, have offered their talent and their creativity to join a common project.

The exhibition, curated by Martin Vegas and conceived for Paris, will be attended by authors from around the world who will present works of great visual impact, some already showcased in the previous Italian ImageNation exhibitions and others, unedited, thought to enrich the artistic proposal of DeFactory collective.


All the artworks are on sale. As for Will Ramsay's wish dated 1999, when the first Affordable Art Fair was founded in London, the works are offered for sale at more affordable prices than other contemporary art fairs. This also reflects the desire to help the audience to grow and develop together with the artist.

A wide choice of photographic art will occupy the area of the Espace des Arts Sans Frontieres, a multifunctional space that this year also hosted the Polaroid Festival. An informal atmosphere will make contemporary art "affordable", accessible, bringing a new and more diverse audience to the art market, showing that art can belong to anyone more easily than expected.


New artists on show: Brooke Shaden, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, André Gonçalves, Carmelita Iezzi, Chiara Nicolosi, Danny Richardson, Dorothy Bhawl, Ellen Cuylaerts, Emanuele Cassina, Fiorella Vair, Florian Müller, Francesca Dani, Francesca Nicolosi, Francesco Sambati, Ilse Moore, Kazuma Ogaeri, Maren Klemp, Marta Castaldo, Max Valerio, Natalia Elena Massi, Paolo Pettigiani, Petar Sabol, Riccardo Melosu, Robert Sijka, Samantha Goss, Tina Signesdottir, Tiziana Cera Rosco, Valentin Duciel.

Featuring DeFactory Collective: Marcin Ryczek, Martin Vegas, Catalina Sour Vasquez, Andrea Benedetti, Alessandro Carleschi, Carolina Frusca Braga, Anthony Stone, Pier Costantini, Elisa Girelloni, Luca Liloni, Nicola Molteni, Pietro Ballardini, Lorenzo Linthout, Andrea Nuvoloni, Nico Nardomarino, Davide Crea, Sara Motta, Alex Varani, Fabiola Giuliani, Felice Andreoli, Raissa Fitzgerald.

DeFactory pres. ImageNation Paris:  Espace des Arts Sans Frontierès,  44 Rue Bouret, Paris. Metro: Jaurès (Lines 2, 5, 7bis).

Vernissage: Thursday, November 10th 2016 - 6pm

Open: Friday - Saturday - Sunday  11am - 7.30pm




ImageNation 2016: Past Editions  (Desenzano del Garda and Livorno)  -  This year, DeFactory has chosen to open its doors to photographers from all over the world, collecting a wide range of stories, images and people coming from different backgrounds and cultural areas who share the common passion for photography. The link that establishes a dialogue among them and the viewer is the tale and, above all, the desire to share and make it understandable through that immediacy that only photography is able to transmit.
By means of a collection of images from different countries and cultural realities, ImageNation 2016 and its eyes on the world represent a medium through which thinking about the power of feelings and cultural identity and, moreover, it aims to be a pretext for taking time and start observing the beauty that the world preserves and makes available for us. It’s in our hands to recognize, admire and handle it with care.

The 2 exhibitions in Italy, curated by Martin Vegas, include the work of more than 100 international photographers from 5 continents. Among the international contributors, four of them were awarded as Photographer of the Year and other two are winners of the prestigious first prize National Geographic. Others, coming from countries were censorship highly restricts the freedom of expression, are trying to pass over this sort of invisibility due to this form of obscurantism, not without several difficulties. Reportage and stories from the world but also explorations of new contemporary photography’s trends where the aesthetics becomes not only a medium for creativity but also the protagonist of high quality fine-art works.

International Photographers:  Andrea Schuh (Germany)  Anuar Patjane (Mexico)  Aristeidis Apostolopoulos (Greece)  Arnaud Ele (Cameroon)  Art Khai (Malaysia)  Ayo Akinwande (Nigeria)  Catalina Sour Vasquez (France)  Connie Fisher (USA)  Edie Sunday (USA)  Erin Noir (Philippines)  Esthaem (Austria)  Evan Switzer (Australia)  Gabi Ben Avraham (Israel)  George Digalakis (Greece)  Hakan Strand (Sweden)  Hashem Shakeri (Iran)  Hesham Al-Humaid (Saudi Arabia)  Ian Brewer (UK)  Johan Entchev (Finland)  José Luis Barcia Fernández (Spain)  Julien Mauve (France)  Kristoffer Axén (Sweden)  Kudich-Zsirmon (Hungary)  Lara Zankoul (Lebanon)  Lin Yung Cheng (Taiwan)  Marcin Ryczek (Poland)  Mariam Sitchinava (Georgia)  Mathieu Soudet (France)  Matjaz Krivic (Slovenia)  Nadia Tarra (Switzerland)  Nicole Cambré (Belgium)  Peechaya Burroughs (Thailand)  Pedro Kirilos (Brazil)  Pierre-Elie de Pibrac (France)  Prajwal Bhattarai (Nepal)  R J Poole (Australia)  René Koster (Netherlands)  Ruairidh McGlynn (Scotland)  Shahria Sharmin (Bangladesh)  Steve Strix (Austria)  Trevor Cole (Ireland)  Veronika Gilková (Slovakia)  Viorel Caloean (Romania)  Weronika Izdebska (Poland)  Yasar Kubilay Ozcelik (Turkey)  Zachary Snellenberger (USA).

Italian Photographers:  Alessandro Carleschi, Alex Varani, Andrea Auf Dem Brinke, Andrea Benedetti, Andrea Caiola, Andrea Dani, Andrea Nuvoloni, Angiolo Manetti, Carla Ingrasciotta, Carlo Cozzoli, Carolina Frusca Braga, Cedric Dasesson, Dario Antoniani, Davide Crea, Elena Tagini, Elisabetta Roan, Emanuela Cunial, Erica Milone, Fabiola Giuliani, Francesca Marturano, Francesco Bassanelli, Gianfranco Zarantonello, Giuseppe Gradella, Giuseppe Preianò, Jefte Gerevini, Ilaria Franchini, Laura Decembrino, Lia Monguzzi, Lorenzo Bocchi, Lorenzo Linthout, Luca Grillandini, Luca Liloni, Luigi Angelica, Manuela Vanzulli, Manuelo Bececco, Marco Cocconi, Marco Oprescu, Marco Secci, Marina Corradi, Martin Vegas, Marzia Franceschini, Matteo Bruni, Matteo Carta, Matteo Silva, Matthew Zak, Mattia Bonavida, Nico Nardomarino, Nicola Molteni, Olimpia Galatolo, Paolo Ciriello, Paolo Pedraccini, Paolo Pierotti, Peter Delueg, Pier Costantini, Pietro Ballardini, Raissa Fitzgerald, Rocco Delillo, Rocco Verrastro, Rosa Lacavalla, Sabrina Capoferri, Sara Motta, Saviolam, Sebastiano Mutti, Serena Campagnola, Serena Zambelli, Simone Pellegrini, Stefano Principi.  |