Prajwal Bhattarai


Children diving and swimming during Kumbeshwor Mela  Every year, on the day of Janai Purnima (full moon day, in July-August), a fair takes place at Kumbeshwor temple in Lalitpur known as Kumbeshwor Mela. In Kumbeshwor temple there is a place made for stone tap which is little lower than the ground level. Well for this festival, the pond is filled with water and in the middle of the pond the idol of Shiva Linga made of silver and gold is placed under the small temple. All the devotees need to walk through a wooden bridge over the pond to worship the Shiva Linga placed in a wooden temple. On the same occasion, the locals boys and men take bath on the spiritual pond with the belief that all the skin borne disease would be cured after taking a bath. While jhankri (faith healers) in colourful headdresses dance around the temple beating drums.

Prajwal Bhattarai is a street photographer based in Kathmandu. Here you can find some other shots taken in Nepal's capital city.

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