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Stabat Mater © Rosa Lacavalla

The procession of the Desolate, waited year after year, starts on Holy Saturday from the Church of Saints Francis and Blaise, at Canosa, in Apulia. In this ancient procession children are participating, dressed as angels bearing in their hands the signs of the Passion of Christ. Immediately after the girls and the little angels, proceeds the statue of the Virgin Mary Desolate, flanked by floral decorations and followed by about two hundred fifty women, dressed in black, with their faces covered with thick black veils, that almost scream a song that is a particular version of Stabat Mater by Jacopone da Todi, the Hymn of Desolate by Antonio Lotti (century XVIII).

The women cover their faces, as if to conceal their identity, which is enhanced in a common and universal pain, and holding hands, “combined with chain,” singing the Hymn of Desolate but mostly crying and screaming. In the procession of Desolate the weeping of the women voices the pain of statue of the Virgin; in this pathos, through these manifestations of popular piety, there are residues of paganism and superstition that are, on the contrary, the sign of a different but no less significant approach to the sacred.

This hymn is truly impressive and is accompanied by music that penetrate deeply into the hearts and arouse a great desire to cry that subsides only with the contemplation of the pain of the Virgin Mary Desolate.

Rosa Lacavalla was born in Barletta (Apulia, Italy) in 1993. Graduated in 2014 in Graphic Art at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna (Italy) where she's now enrolled in the Photography Postgraduate course. From October 2014 to June 2015 she continued her studies at Coventry University (UK) following the course of Photography BA (Hons) through the Erasmus Plus exchange program.

In the same period she was selected as a finalist for competitions as National Geographic Italy, World Nomads and Siena International Photography Awards. Since January 2016 she's following the project Speciale 18/25 for Festival Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia (Italy). In February 2016 she joined the online course Seeing Through Photographsorganised by MOMA, curated by Sarah Meister. In that month her video is selected to be part of Your Views, a film by the British artist Gillian Wearing, which will be exhibit in Brighton Festival on May. In March she's selected to join the training course for film set photographer with Philippe Antonello.

Her personal research bases on different cultures around the world, often focusing on little stories of daily life. Her work is placed in the dimension of listening, ready to perceive the atmospheres and circumstances that are created around her.

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