Ruairidh McGlynn


Ruairidh McGlynn, Winner of 2015 iPhone Photography Awards

Ruairidh McGlynn is a talented photographer from Scotland who takes incredible landscapes photos with his iPhone. With a passion for exploration and adventure, he captures the beauty and solitude of the mountains in dramatic weather and light. "It all began back in the winter of 2013. I joined my brother on a trip up into the Scottish Highlands to climb a Munro. After a couple of hours into our climb we entered what was to be an entirely different world, and I recall it being -15°C. The frozen landscape was a stark contrast to where we had started from in the city only a few hours before. But to me that didn’t matter because it was about this great journey and story that I’d just captured. From that moment on, I was hooked.”

"At that moment, with my iPhone to hand, I began to document my journeys. I’d been introduced to Instagram a few weeks before and the two seemed like a good way to tell this story. Upon returning home I put up the images, received some great feedback. Having the ability to capture, process, curate and publish all on one device makes it an extremely useful tool. I enjoy capturing candid landscape shots, generally in fairly harsh conditions. Instagram is the perfect tool that allows me to convey to others the beauty of the mountains," he explains, "the journeys that I go on and the things that you can achieve when you put your mind to it. I hope to inspire people to appreciate the outdoors and to embark upon similar adventures (responsibly and safely)." As for photo tips to share, Ruairidh adds, "Where possible, I always like to include people to give a sense of scale and adventure balanced with dramatic weather and light, which more often than not is never far away in Scotland."

" I enjoy getting out of the city and up into the highlands as often as possible. It’s a place where I can clear my mind and find new visual inspiration. There’s no better feeling than embarking upon an expedition into the unknown, discovering new places and having the ability to share those with others. Every season has its benefits, but the winter conditions in the Scottish highlands have to be amongst my favorite. Scotland is well known for its variable weather, and combined with the short days and low winter sun you’re almost guaranteed to come back with some interesting work.

Fortunately I live only a few hours from the highlands, and only a few miles from some diverse coastal scenery. So I don’t have to venture very far. I have a pocket guide that covers the Munros, so quite often I’ll look to that for local inspiration. For places further afield, I’m currently fascinated by very contrasting locations that range from sparsely populated untouched landscapes, to rapidly developing growth markets where the landscapes are evolving swiftly. I hope to have the opportunity to capture both in some upcoming projects."


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