Veronika Gilkova


Veronika Gilkova received a degree in psychology before she started to focus more on photography. As she describes it, the whole photography thing happened very natural, in 2010. Her beautiful imagery reflects her effortless style and her keen eye that lets her release the shutter in just the right moment. She experiments with smoke, low-light situations and portraiture, creating unique images that are vivid with a surreal touch.

Thick smoke, soft breeze, rippled water. For Veronika Gilkova, these elements deserve a touch of visual magic. The camera may be a mechanical object but her hands it is a meditative emblem. Whether on a lush prairie or a snowy mountain, photography for this Slovakia-based artist is "like switching to a different mode of functioning”. In this tranquil state, she is a better observer. She gets drawn to details unnoticed by the naked eye. Her intuition also kicks in. Sometimes the light or atmosphere is not quite right. This foresight helps her edit the image before it even takes form.

Every picture has the allure of a dream catcher. It is as if landscapes have been sifted in their most serene form. Fog becomes a cottony mantle, while leaves get an astronomical glow. “I like capturing things as they are and later working with those images and creating something almost new,” she says. Concepts come to her organically. She may start with a faint framework and abandon it in favor of what she sees on location. Sometimes, she visits a place with no premonition of the final image and ends up with a solid concept — by just shooting. Nature is very important in her shots. "Nature is where I have a tendency to put people in. Without people nature can function perfectly fine on its own and it’s beautiful on its own, but people bring feelings and moods and that’s something I like to work with as far as photography is concerned." 

She discovered photography in 2010. “It was while I was attending college. I felt I was just absorbing information and lacking some sort of creative activity, so I started to use an unused camera we had at home and everything went from there. I started to photograph without any expectations,” she shares. “The situation has changed since then and photography is now an important part of my personal life.”

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