Weronika Izdebska


Woods you're mine

Weronika Izdebska, also known as Ovors, is a polish photographer and filmmaker. "I often capture open wide spaces, simultaneously focusing on human beings, their (my) feelings, impressions. At some point I realized that most of the people that I photograph bring my emotions. Like they were mirrors. Each of them is different, has a different kind of energy, in spite of all that in my photographs thy are all similar in some way. Similar to each other and to me as well. What inspires me most is the light. I'm aware of the certain aesthetics that my images brings out. It's strongly associated with the cold and silent side of the North, I have a strong feeling that somehow I belong to this part of the world."

Weronika Izdebska aka Ovors took her name from Truman Capote’s Other Voices Other Rooms – a book she found formative. She is a wanderer, constantly searching, faced towards North. Her projects are likely to be located in remote Iceland or fog glazed Norway – places where unadulterated nature persists in its most beautiful form. Isadora Duncan once said ‘’You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” It seems Ovors follows the quote and uses photography to start her very own tale.  


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