Zachary Snellenberger


Gone, 2015

Zachary Snellenberger is a young American photographer who is based in Seattle, Washington. He is one of those photographers with the ability to create unique “moments”. His excellent work appears composed of beautiful pictures, where the atmosphere, is supported by stunning scenery raw environments while beautiful nature, that make us travel through visual passages laden mysticism, heroic and depth.

"I really enjoy traveling", he says "and when I stumble upon a new place, it brings a lot of new feeling and emotion, in which I put into my work." His world as viewed through his lens is crispy lit in vivacious, yet muted jewel tones. Understanding the quality of being able to stop time that photography allows – the time and consideration of the roll of film no longer a factor – he seems to taste life in every shot. 

With Instagram feeds and smart phone shots, photography to some is starting to seem like an “everyone can do it” hobby. And everyone can do it as a hobby, but Snellenberger is a prime example of the someone who does it for a living, create moments with a camera, develops that moment, and turns it in to what can now only be called “legit” photography.


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